Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random pictures/ info bits & pieces

Well, since I'm not really writing about any adoption stuff, figured I'd pass the time w/ some random pictures of how we're doing since being out of school.  Today, we're going to later attempt to make tye dye t-shirts.  Wanted to do it last night but out of rubber bands.  Tomorrow, we're watching The Polar Express movie and then making a Polar Express Train out of candy...yumm.  Kids are beyond anxious for santa to come.  I'm getting plans all lined up.  So, I'm going to be listing a waiting child about once a month or so.   Each time it will be a very hard to place child just as Samuel was.  I have a wonderful, wonderful program that I'll be telling you all more about but have to wait for further details.  For those interested in adopting a deaf child...this is IT!!!!   A reverse hosting program in an EE country.  That is all the info I can give out at this time.  More forthcoming after the beginning of the year.  Holidays and such.  It is awesome and truly wished I'd knwon about it before we fell in love w/ our 3 from Bulgaria.  But they are meant to be ours so absolutely no regrets about that one for sure!  Well w/out further adue, here are some random pictures.  Hope you enjoy. 

Bet you all can't even begin to guess what this picture is about.  The girls and I were making sugar cookies.  For big families, you don't just store flour, sugar, etc. in little cute canisters on the counter.  Oh, no.  We have huge vats from a bakery where they usually store their icing.  We get the containers for free.  So, as you can see, this is a huge thing of flour...full to the top.  I came back in the kitchen wondering why in the world Alex was cleaning up flour off the floor.  Something he would NOT dare do on his own free will...clean up.  Then, Irina looks down in the flour and sees it.  A perfectly shaped hole the size of his wand that Max made earlier that day.  Now, this wand had been everywhere...in the dirt, grass, in his shirt, and who knows where else.  So, my OCD teen is freaking out at this point over the wand in the flour.  She then proceeds to scoop out ALL flour surrounding the wand.  I must have lost at least 10 lbs. of flour easily.  Seriously.  Just a day in the life here.  These things happen.

This is Max, our oldest son, adopted 10 years ago from Orenburg, Russia.  He is our creative one and artistic one for sure.  He made this wand.  Looks like a sword but there is a hole in it where the top wand pulss out.  He made it out of scraps he found in the garage and after carving the wood.  Great job.  So good that all the other kids wanted one, including two here yesterday that did not live here!  Ignore the mess in the background--LOL.  Max loves to carve.  Today or tomorrow, he is going over to my  friend's house to help draw a mural on their boys' room wall.  Should be interesting.  He's been drawing up some sketches for it already.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

This is Irina and Alyona helping me w/ sugar cookies.  BTW, the sugar cookies turned out horrible so sorry to the neighbors who received them.  On a better note, fudge turned out great.  it is on the counter in the background.  Alyona is left-handed as you see.  She suffers from something called radial articulation and has trouble turning her arm.  Her right arm received surgery for this but it was a very bad surgery job and left her not really being able to use her right arm.   Sometimes, we as parents try to fix everything with our children that we can in hopes of a better life for them otuside the orphanage.  Some things are better left alone.  Hard lesson learned.  Needless to say, we did not fix her left arm.  The other kids help her out when necessary so it all works out.

This is Nik.  Our current youngest at 7 years old.  He has definitely lost his baby face and baby ways.  He was adopted at 4 years old, shortly after his birthday.  They were going to send him to one of those mental institutions because he couldn't speak.  That's right, this highly gifted(extremely intelligent & write about that later), sweet, playful, creative, and awesome little boy was going to be tied down to a bed in a mental institution b/c he was deaf.  It is heartbreaking to know that he most likely would have been dead by now.  Most kids die w/in 2 years of being sent to the institution if they are lucky.  Otherwise, they just lie in bed withering away.  Laying in their own filth.  no stimulation, no love, nothing, no life.  Here, he is a regular kid, just goofing around on the couch.  I love it!!!   He has been our most dramatic change.  I will write about having a deaf child in a later post one day.  This is just a random pics day.  He is our camera hog for sure.  He has his glasses on in this picture.  He is supposed to wear them but rarely does.  Opthalmologist said this is common with his age and his eye disorder.  He compensates really well though.   You can usually find him making me mad by running clear across the room and then jumping on the couch. 

Clearly, Alyona is taking after her sisters on the phone!  Yana is in the background listening to her mp-3 player from her grandmother.  I swear one day I'll have pictures that have nothing on the floor or counters--LOL.  It is life.  And again, Alyona lives in pink.  If she could be painted pink, I think she would.  Alyona wants to be like her sisters so much.  She is practicing too for when her two younger sisters come home.  It is fun to watch.  We had the neighbors over for dinner the other day and Alyona was watching their 3yo.  She came to me and said "she's a lot of work."  I just laughed.  Alyona does have quite a few issues but her siblings are really great about not pointing stuff out.  Okay, unless they're mad at her.  Typical.  But they help her reach stuff, help her dial the phone numbers, and help her to learn.  Sometimes though I will have to stop a "deal" in the making when they try to trade with her.  She doesn't know any better because she essentially has the mind of a 3 or 4 yo.  The other kids have figured this out.  Not a big deal as they know they'll be seriously grounded if they try any funny business.  Like trying to trade a cd player for a piece of candy or something like that.  Umm, no.  Otherwise though, they really do help her out.

That's a few pics.  I have more but we need to get some cleaning done around here and such.  More fudge to make.  Enjoy your week everyone!

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