Thursday, December 17, 2009


Last post was so sad & serious that I needed a boost!  So, here are some pics.  Hope you enjoy.  BTW, if you click on the picture, you can make it bigger.  I'm still learning w/ this new camera.  Like today, I learned you get a soft focus look if you have a smudge on the camera. Umm, not intentional btw.  LOL.  Enjoy anyhow.

I went to some class parties this week in school.  This is Bojan helping to make the Polar Express Train.  Yes, I'm stealing this idea & we're going to watch the movie at home next week & then make the train.  Keep those creative juices flowing.  And, the snacking part isn't so bad either.

Okay, one, ignore the clutter corner in the background for now.  This was taken after school.  Ironically, Alex wore those pajamas to school for pajama day.  I didn't even know what he left the house in.  I was hoping for the best.  Here is Yana and Alyona again.  Alyona got a ton of toys today from her party.  A ton!  Yana if you'll notice is in pajama bottoms.  She comes home from school everyday & changes into pajama bottoms.  I dont' get it.  Maybe b/c it gets dark now at 5pm, I don't know.  I figure it's not hurting anyone, let it go.

This is Max.  Our oldest son.  And yes, for those who follow our facebook page, it is the one we actually paid money to tonight to bathe our youngest son.  Not a proud parent moment but every once  in awhile, it happens.  Max was happy b/c he made money.  Anyhow, this is him standing in our dead yard.  He & I went for a walk today.  I usually take one of the kids on a walk after school.  He went w/ me today.  We chatted and learned there is a girl in the neighborhood that likes him.  I think he is still kind of shy & just doesn't know what to say around girls quite yet.  Gave him a few tips.  Can't believe I just gave my son advice on how to ask a girl out.  I will indeed regret that later, I'm sure.  He is growing up way to fast.  He came home to us at 4yo wearing a size 18 month clothes.  Wow.  My young man.

This is minnie mouse.  Aka...Alyona.  She is currently our youngest girl but not for long!  She can hardly wait for sisters.  She is blowing bubbles she got in class today at a party.  She loves the simple things still and that is what we love about her.  I love this dress on her.

Hope you all enjoyed a couple shots.  I have to go make another batch of fudge for teachers.  Thank goodness it only takes me about 5 minutes to do.  Yeah.  Then, wrap 7 gifts I think.  Tomorrow is an early release day for the kids and they are psyched at the thought of snow.  Now, for those who don't know, we live in NC.  Closer to the beach then the mountains and have a pool in our backyard for a reason.  It usually is 90 to 100's here from May to October.  So, even the thought of a snow dusting here gets people giddy.  Especially, around Christmas time.  I'll be sure to take pictures if it happens.  

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