Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Next step...homestudy

Made the call today to get the homestudy underway.  Yep, big step.  For those of you new to adoption, the homestudy is vital.  For us, even more so.  Bigger families do tend to get a thorough homestudy to make sure they can provide for the children.  Understandable for sure & glad they're keeping the kids safe.  We love our social worker & she knows us.  She was here just last month so won't be too bad.  Most people fear their first homestudy.  I know we did.  Cleaned, scrubbed, organized, etc.  After doing this so many times, you don't get so paniced.  As long as they know the children are provided for, well-cared for and loved, they are okay with things maybe being a little, well, out of sorts she'll we say--LOL.  No matter how much you clean this house, 10  5 minutes later I swear it is covered in bookbags, toys or clothes.  Don't mind though.  Long as the kids are healthy, happy, learning in life, I will not sweat the small stuff or worry that my house is not an example of Martha Stewart--LOL.  I'll let you know how the homestudy progresses.  Nowadays, you have to do footwork.  So, we will have to get copies of birthcerts, marriage certs and references.   Finding out what all is needed & how many copies of each.  Thankfully, I have practice in this & it does not take me long to obtain these documents.  And, believe it or not, I have some references because not everyone thinks we are nuts.  Seriously though, I am looking forward to getting this homestudy underway and ready to go.  Once that is done, things seem to fly by and first trip will be here before you know it!  Think positive, think positive.  We have some more fundraising to do and I will get another fundraiser up today just in time for Christmas shopping.  Maybe even two fundraisers up tonight.  Just starting to get really excited about it all.  So are the kids.  Keep you all posted on how it progresses.  Below is a picture of the super 7 when we went hiking.  Girls were not thrilled as they had a sleepover & stayed up all night.  These are the great things we'll be able to share with our future children as well.  When you can picture your children here with the family and doing fun things together, that's when you know it will all be okay and with time, the children will find their way home to their forever family here. 

Anyhow, homestudy is next & once approved, we would then be able to apply for much needed grants to get the children home.  Very excited about this part of the process.  We love talking about our kids, our life so really a homestudy visit is something to look forward to for us.  Thanks for letting me share once again.  More later tonight.

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  1. Hi - I am Kelli Stever and my husband and I are in the process of adopting a special needs child from the Ukraine. Your blog is wonderful and it really inspires me! I look forward to following along with you. You are welcome to peek at our blog as well if you like. ourlittlenoodles.blogspot.com
    Thank you for this blog because we are in the middle of our first home study and it is a little scary! But exciting! Take care and God bless you and your beautiful family. Kelli