Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More random pics

Blog is semi in the Christmas spirit w/ red and green.  Best I could do--LOL.  PIcture was not happening so Warren took that off.  It's more of a lime green instead of a Christmas green but I can deal with that for about a week more.  So, kids have been playing in the woods all day long with friends.  We've cleaned up the house a bit.  Okay, a little, little bit.  But, better than nothing.  Making sure all laundry is done in preparation for our trip.  Wahoo!!!  Have done no wrapping of stocking stuffers whatsoever.  Will get to that sometime this week.  Maybe before Christmas?  Don't know.  I will write another post later on accomadations made for special needs children in our home.  Some people have asked, so why not say what we do.  May ease some concerns that people have about bringing in a special needs child.  In the meantime, a few more random pics just for kicks.  Here goes:

Warren is such a good sport at times.  Nik decided he needed some company.  He continued to bring stuffed animals downstairs.  He looks like a  scene out of ET.  Yet, he manages to halfway smile.

Okay, so you'll have to click on this one b/c I have no idea how to turn it around.  It is Alex showing off his new pajamas from Aunt Mindy & Uncle Chris.  They know just what to get the kids every year.  It's great!  Only problem was Alex loved them so much, I started to notice that these were the ONLY pj's he was wearing.  Took me a week to notice that he failed to put them in the wash.  Boys.  I have heard this is common w/ boys.  Sure enough, my friend's kid came over the last two days dressed in exactly the same clothes!  I had to laugh.  At least Alex is not alone.  Shoot, I get the whiny speech every night from Alex & the rest of the boys of "I always have to get a bath.  Why do you make me get a bath every night."  Yep, I'm mean like that.

This is Yana who would kill me if she saw this picture up--LOL.  Trying to do a dance called the Jerk.  Dumb.  All it is is hopping backwards.  Oh well.  She is really getting tall.  She tried to teach Alyona this.  Wished I had that on video.  It was hilarious.  My kids laugh and tell me I can't dance.  BTW, in high school, I was co-captain of my dance team.  I think I may just have to pull out old videos to show my girls.  Um, no.  Too embarassing.

Max is one happy camper w/his new clothes from Aunt Mindy & Uncle Chris.  I must say,, my kids do really appreciate what they get.  Very happy about that.

Just so you don't all think my kids are happy 100% of the time, I have to show an unhappy child every once in awhile, right?  Okay, the above is Alyona crying.  Alyona was adopted at 7 years old and has a laundry list of dx's.  However, as all my kids here know, it doesn't matter what you have going on, you are a member of this family and will act like one.  Alyona is crying because heaven forbid, I made her eat blueberry pancakes w/ syrup.  Alyona HAS to eat.  Her body does not work quite right and we have to make her eat.  It is either that the doc said or a g-tube and I am not ready to give up on her yet and go with a feeding tube.  If Alyona misses two meals in a row, she vomits excessively and gets dehydrated severely.  It's a mess.  Fustrating too b/c she CAN eat.  She just has no desire to eat anything but sweets.  Maddening, I know.   Some issues with adoptive children go away, some are here to stay.  This one, is here to stay.  We go through this at practically every meal.  Doesn't help that the school does not make her eat.  She's in a special needs class so not that many in there.  I have warned them to NOT give her sweets but they do anyhow.  It has completely messed her up this week.  FAS children do not do well w/ additives, food colorings, etc.  We eat that stuff but not all that often.  Alyona's siblings try so hard to get her to eat as well.  We will win this battle--LOL.  None of my other kids have any issues w/ food whatsoever.  Not a one. 

Our kids are great about eating everything.  They love fruits and vegetables and can never get enough.  That's a good thing.  We are slowly changing our diet more and more to non-processed foods whatsoever.  Cereal has all but disappeared in this house.  Over Christmas break, we are going to make attempts at making our own bread.  Right now, I have sweet potato chips cooking in the oven.  Kids love them and they don't cost $4 a bag!  Yeah.  In fact, a neighbor just dropped off an entire case of fresh sweet potatos and a bag of regular potatos.  Kids and I got to work.  Well, mostly me w/ this one as they all hate to peel.  Hope they turn out.  With adoptive children with issues, food has a dramatic effect on them.  I did not believe this at first but it really does.  We try to keep processed and sugary foods at a minimum.  Good for everyone anyhow.  Need to go.  Will do a post probably tomorrow on accomadations for special needs children in the home. 

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