Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mini- Christmas pictures

Lately, I've been doing a lot of writing & figured you all might be tired of that.  I know I am--LOL.  So, thought I'd just post some random pictures & go from there.  First set is from Thanksgiving when my parents came down to visit.  Suffice it to say, we had Christmas early.  What some of you new adoptive parents may not realize, is the simpler the life the kids lead once home, the better.  It is very hard for some orphanage kids to go from having nothing to a room that looks like Disney World.  Our kids are very active children and spend most time outdoors.   I think my kids tend to appreciate gifts more than some other kids I've seen.  I've watched other kids at birthday parties & watched mine.  Just seems a bit different.  Like they savor each gift.  Remember, it wasn't but a few short years ago, none received a gift on their brithday.  Maybe an orange for Christmas and a little candy but that was it.  Nothing more.  So, w/ no further a due, some shots from a mini Christmas from Thanksgiving time when their Grandparents came.  Here goes:

Okay, how many kids do you know that would sit still patiently w/ a pile of presents beside them?  Not many.

You think Max was happy with this skateboard?!  What a smile.  He is even taking care of this one.  Wahoo.  Last skateboard he left outside & it got ruined.  They still use it. That is one thing about orphanage kids, they will use it even when it is torn, broken, stained, whatever.  They do not like throwing stuff away.  Yana even sewed my pillow that fell apart.  When orphanage kids first get home, they won't tell you their feet are growing b/c they are used to shoes being so small and so tight.  I learned that lesson when one of my kids was squeezed into shoes 4 sizes too small!!!  Small stuff that you just don't think about as a parent but as an adoptive parent to PI kids, something you need to think about.

This is when you know your daughters are growing up....when grandparents give make-up for Christmas.  Big smile of course.  The girls also got an MP-3 player which they LOVE.  Yana was not allowed to use hers for awhile b/c over Thanksgiving, she was still grounded.  We do not bend the rules here even if grandparents come & bring gifts.  Yana knew this, did not fight us on it and obeyed the rules of grounded.  I was actually proud about that.  My girls love to listen to their MP-3 players.  They even gave the little boys their old cd players so it went full circle.

My mom will appreciate this shot more so than the other shot I had of Nik.  LOL.  That is their Nana in the pink.  My mom.  Do you think she likes Christmas a little bit??  They have also given us money.  This will go directly to our big Christmas vacation that the kids don't know about this year yet.  Tell you all about that tomorrow.  Very excited.

This is a picture of my mom  & dad.  They are trying to figure out how to put the nerf gun together.  That is one of the smaller ones they got.  They actually got the boys these giagantic nerf guns that must shoot 30 bullets at a time.  I still have bullets everywhere in this house!  Everywhere.  The boys have played with these guns every single day.

These were just a few pics from the mini- Christmas they had with their grandparents while they visited for Thanksgiving.  Kids love it when they come.  The boys want my dad toplay football with them.  Told you all, outdoors kids.  We probably won't see my parents until the summer time when we go to our adoption reunion in VA.  Plan on tkaing the kids touring in DC again and then for a visit maybe.  The day after Thanksgiving when the pictures were taken, we went to our lcoal light show and rode the train.  Had such a fun time.  Old time candy store...yum.  Santa.  What could be better?!  Got to run.  Dinner to serve & get them ready for school tomorrow.

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  1. I love how your kids react to presents! My kids actually act similarly. They do not receive gift after gift all year round like a lot of their friends do! What a joy to see your childrens' smiling faces of appreciation! Merry Christmas to your wonderful, big family! We are trying to follow you!