Friday, December 11, 2009

Managing a family of 12 & just everyday stuff

We get this question asked all the time.  How do you do it  w/ 7 children?  Referring to running a household.  Same way I did it with 2 kids or 5 kids and same way we'll do it with 10 kids.  You just do things.  No other way to answer it.  Some things we do a little differently just to keep organized.  Socks are a lost cause.  Period.  No way of saying how super organized I am w/ that--LOL.  We literally have a laudry basket full and just grab when we need it.  Terrible of me, I know.  For a bigger family, the things you do don't change, just the quantity.  For example, laundry.  We do at least 5 to 6 loads a day.  There is always laundry in our master bath to do.  It is never done no matter how hard we try.  Today, I'm currently on load 4, getting ready to put in load 5.  Yet, tub is still half full.  We don't have a laundry room so the tub is the only place to put it.  Dishes, we do 3 to 4 loads a day and can say thanks to an OCD daughter, the kitchen is usually immaculate.  Hard part is she tries to clean up as I'm cooking.  I just made chocolate chip cookies for an after school snack (Oh wait, I'm a good mom & give them carrots & celery sticks for snack.)  She was grabbing my measuring cups as I'm cooking.  Crazy.

I know another thing that folks always ask us is about the food.  A brief tidbit... we go through 40 loaves of bread a month, around 30 gallons of milk a month, 72 rolls of toilet paper('s an orphanage behavior that I'll explain later), & tons of fruit.  All my kids LOVE fruit.  We buy it discounted all the time as it saves quite a bit of money and is always eaten right away.  Guy at Lowes foods said "are you really going to eat all these?"  I said yep, they'll be gone by week's end.  72 apples were gone in 3 days!  Yes, 3 days.  Alex had 9 in a day.  I think my kids have the fiber part covered. 

As for our day to day stuff, it's normal for the most part.  Sometimes Chaos Manor will go a bit haywire but for the most part, it should look like some of your houses and your days.  I'll explain by pictures.  Just taking 2 days from this week as an example.  Here goes:

This is from when Bojan went to his chorus performance this week.  The deal in this house is when one has an event, EVERYONE has to go.  We feel it is good that they support each other.  Just performances, practices don't count.  This is Nik, Alyona and Alex waiting for the show to start.

This is Bojan in the middle.  He had a bit of stage fright which is totally out of character for this performer.  He loves being center-stage all the time.  He is our thespian/ singer for sure.  He did great.  Ironically, he was rather quiet despite singing at the top of his lungs at home for the past few weeks.

This was on our way out of the show.  See, even fire & gasoline can co-exist without exploding.  Yana and Alyona are different.  They do love each other.  But, like every set of siblings out there in America, they will have their arguements.  For being so small, Alyona had a huge voice when arguing w/ her sister.  Yana will now even help Alyona w/ her homework.  Does both of them good.  I will pull this picture out from now on if there is ever a disagreement again.  LOL.

Every night my kids make their own lunches for school the next day.  Even my kindergardner.  Gives them a sense of independence and shows they can do stuff for themselves.  What you don't see on the side is that there are stacks and stacks of apples.  This is a staple in our house.  We are fortunate enough to have a huge kitchen where all the kids can prepare their lunches.  This day's lunch was a turkey sandwich,pickle, apple, crackers, and applesauce.    

Last shot is of Warren helping Alyona with homework.  Some of our kids need more help than others.  What is great about the different ages is the older kids now love helping the younger ones.  Does both of them some good.  My high schooler gets home at 3:00.  The middle schoolers at 3:30 and the elementary at 4:45.  So, I have about an hour and a half to help just the older kids if they need it.  Right now they're all just veggie out watching tv since it's a Friday.  My kids come home, have a snack, do homework, play, eat dinner and then bed during the week.  And typically, we'll have other children here playing as well.  We let our kids do the homework on their own if they can.  We push when we need to.  Many of ours weren't thought of as being very smart.  Yana just came home w/ an award for making A/B honor roll.  For those adopting special needs, do push them to their fullest potential and don't listen to what others say.  Most will suprise you.  We were told that most likely, Alyona would never read.  She is sounding out words now and reading!  They put Nik in resource & were contemplating self-contained.  Umm, he's in a regular classroom w/ an ASL interpreter.  Yana and Max are slowly getting pulled from their self-contained room into resource & regular classes.  So, there is plenty of progress and hope out there.  Our family is normal in many ways and lives a pretty simple life like other families.  Enjoy what you have and always look forward to the future for what your kids can do.  Special needs children are a blessing.  Does that mean nothing ever goes wrong here and they're always angels?  Far from it!  They can irritate their parents just as any other kid can.  Just means the good far out ways the bad here.  Go back and see some of my transformation pieces I have written and you'll see what I mean.  Tomorrow, I"ll be doing Max's transformation.  So, have a great weekend.  We'll be going either to the Christmas Parade or horseback riding.  Still undecided. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie and Family...Love reading about you guys and so happy everyone is well. They are so darling!!! I've been rather busy of late. We are praying for a successful pick up trip for Lexi soon!!! Many blessings....Trisha