Monday, December 7, 2009

Just for fun...older kids

Many people ask why we adopt older children.  Actually, no real answer there.  We just fall in love w/ whom we fall in love with.  We've always longed for a baby but that was just never meant to be apparently.  Quite evident that we were always meant to help the older children.  Many think that you "miss out" on all the things babies do & don't experience any of the "firsts."  This is SO not true.  We have witnessed many firsts w/ our children.  We saw their smiles for the first time & actually cared.  Saw their first teeth fall out.  We're the first ones ever to bring love & comfort to them.  I'll never forget the first time we ever gave Max pop rocks gum at 4yo. It was hilarious.  Through the years, we get to experience many firsts.  This past weekend was no exception.  Typically, I buy a lot of fruit for the kids but usually the same thing.  We've been dying for pomegrantes b/c we've heard great things about them.  Never bought them before b/c shoot, even at Sam's they're $2 a piece of fruit!  Splurge & we got 4 to try last weekend.  We had the best time getting all those little seeds out.  Here's a few pics from it:

You can't tell from the box but these things are HUGE!

This was Alex after he made a shot of spitting out the pomegrante seeds.  Yes, simple things excite my kids--LOL.  But, we all had fun.  Still have 3 more to eat.  But, w/ all the work involved w/ these things, I dare say we'll have them again.  We'll stick to bananas, oranges, kiwi, strawberries, etc.  Just shows you that you can even have "firsts" years after the kids get home. 

This is Nik after being cleaned from all the pomegrante juice at dinner.  He was SO proud b/c he finally got the towel like big brother Max.  (umm, ignore the white garbage bag full of sweet potatoes in the background).  I think this shows folks that life can be full of suprises and normalcy w/ adopted children.  Just b/c they are older when we bring them home, does not mean we can't experience a bunch of firsts with them.  We personally don't think we've missed out on anything.  How about you?  Enjoy your week!  Write more tomorrow I think.  


  1. It is so exciting "meeting" another family adopting SN kids from Bulgaria! I found you on Shelleys blog. :)

    You have an AWESOME family! How exciting to be bringing home 3!!! My husband and I are bringing home 2 very special girls. They are our first major special needs adoptions. :)

    We are going on our first trip sometime in January. I look forward to following your journey! :)

  2. Hi Stephanie!. It´s me again!... First thing it´s; I don´t know why, but I imagine myself adopting an older children. I think at age of three it´s better!. Specially b/c we are thinking to adopt a deaf kid. So at that age he has a full diagnosis (or that´s what I suppost!). And second: There is a pomegrante tree in my mother´s neighbourg house, and when we were kids we loved to eat them!... Although it´s not so far (I´m 28 y.o.) you make me remember my childhood!... Thank´s!
    Beautiful pics!!!...