Thursday, December 10, 2009

Homestudy; social worker

Homestudies are something that many adoptive parents fear.  I know we did w/ the first one.  Will she think we'll be okay as parents, will the dog behave himself, is the house clean enough, did we baby proof enough, etc.  All those questions run through your head for the first few homestudies you do.  This go around it is a bit different. This will be our last homestudy.  Our finish line so to speak.  We like sharing about our family and how far our kids have come.  We tell the good w/ the bad.  Will our house be spotless when she comes over this time?  I am laughing on the floor right now.  Don't get me wrong, we don't live in filth.  Take last weekend for example.  We had just finished mopping the floors.  Literally around 5 minutes later, they were covered again in muddy footprints and dirt.  Not exaggerating.  We pick up and w/in the next 15 minutes, the house is covered in stuff.  The house is cleaned during the day while Im here.  Nothing on the floor.  Nothing.  The little kids get home, older ones for that matter too, and there are folders, jackets, notebooks, bookbags  and lunchboxes sprewn across the floor.  You can't even see the floor!  Yes, they pick it all backup before bed but it remains that way for hours.   I think with 7 kids and a dog you live in a natural state of chaos all the time.  Okay, so that's my story & I'm sticking to it.  Ha. 

Back to the homestudy.  Are we worried.  No.  We can show that these kids are loved ( oh please don't let one be ground while she's here or I can see the trouble they'll cause--LOL... a get even w/ mom/ dad mentality), well cared for, healthy, and for the most part, happy.  I say for the most part as i have 2 that are currently grounded and are NOT happy. 

It is a social workers job to see through all those things though and know that the kids are doing well and are in a much better place than the orphanage for sure.  I was wondering for a bit why I hadn't heard back from our social worker.  She is on bedrest during this stage of her pregnancy so someone else will have to do the report.  Which is fine but will definitely miss her.  She wasawesome w/ the kids, didn't say much when I yelled at the boys the one time.  Okay, get this folks for those who've done post placement reports on your kids.  For the newbies, a PPR is when a social worker comes out after an adoption to make sure the kids are doing okay and are S-A-F-E.  I'm spilling the beans here.  I had warned the boys do NOT use the garden cart while she's here.   Play w/ anything else in the yard.  Parenting advice gone horribly wrong.  they were playing outside, we were walkign the social worker out the door and then I see it.  Max, Alex & Nik(I think those were the ones that time) in the large green wired garden cart at the top of the hill.  Those who know our yard, know it has a very steep hill in the front.  Can you see what's coming here folks.  Yelling stop at this point of it was mute.  Why, b/c you can't stop the stupid cart once you start down that hill.  I was mortified.  The kids get the cart to a stop, have the biggest grins on their faces and said that was fun!  URGHH.  Yeh, way to keep them safe mom.  LOL.  But, seeing our social worker see them has just having had fun & made some comment to the effect of that is something I would do when I was little, I knew it would be okay.  This was years ago so nkow the details are sketchy.  Last two times out, Max decided to tell her what was wrong w/ her car.  Yes, our mini in-house mechanic he is.  In other words folks, JUST BE YOURSELF.  The social workers will appreciate it more if they know you are normal parents who make mistakes and will mostlikely have dishes on the counter b/c you're too busy playing w/ your kids or tkaing care of them.  That is okay.  Now, that being said,I'm going to go clean up the house today--LOL. 

Our new social worker called yesterday & is getting back to me.  So excited.  Means I'm really in the adoption process for sure!  I can hardly wait.  Once that is done, things should really start to pick up as I'll be able to work on my dossier.  My record is getting one put together in 3 days.  Doubt I can do that now as there is much more red tape.  But hoping really to knock it out quickly.  Just had to share that we do have a social worker now, miss our old one(out pregnant on bedrest), and look forward to the visits.  Hope she doesn't think we are scary.  Oh, and please, please pass our blog site along to anyone you know & anyone who would love a magazine.  It truly does make a difference. 

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