Friday, December 11, 2009

Flabulous to Fabulous Friday!

As I said before, I am NOT showing pictures until after all weight loss goal is accomplished.  LOL.  I tried to start a Losing it for Love fundraiser that is apparently not takign off so well.  But, that is okay.  This is all part of the process to in adoption fundraising...trial and error.  I'm still going to keep doing this though as I need to for my self and my kids.  I started out last year at 204.  Yikes!  That was my highest ever & totally think the scale was wrong that day.  Stickign to that story.  Well, on this event I have started out at 195.8 lbs.  Yes, almost 196 lbs.  Now, I have planned to weigh in every Friday.  I do have photos of the scale #'s so you can believe me.  Today, I am at 193.6 lbs.  Wahoo, lost 2.2 lbs.  That is not a Biggest Loser type loss as I can't exercise here 8 hours a day.  I do what I can.  I am hoping the next week I can.  Shoot, 2.2 lbs. a week weight loss is what is actually recommended by nutritionists.  Plus, this is the holiday season folks!  Do you realize how hard that is just not to gain weight--LOL!?  Seriously.  But, my kids and I am worth it and I will prevail.  So, next week I will come up w/ another fundraiser.  I will still report every Friday b/c I want ot be in shape when I go to Bulgaria and want tolook good to meet my kids.  Very excited.  Writing somethign on various dx's later on.  This weekend I will do Max's transformation.  Have a great weekend.  We are either going to the Christmas Parade or Horseback Riding.  Rest of the weekend a house cleanup & organization event...ours.

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  1. Great job on losing 2.2 lbs. That is great!! Keep up the good work.