Thursday, December 3, 2009

Computer died/ sacrifices

Sorry I have not written for awhile.  Computer finally died.  See, Warren works in the computer industry and loves to fix things.  We have had (our ONLY computer mind you) the same computer for well over 11 years now.  Warren was given the computer bysomeone who was going to throw it away after it had been hit by lightening.  Yes, my husband loves a challenge so I guess that's why we're going for the three kids this time--LOL.  Anyhow, over the years he has done his best to keep the thing running.  My parents were generous to give us their old monitor which we used till we couldn't see it anymore.  Finally in the spring, we bought a  First time ever.  Love it.  It's big & we can actually see the screen clearly w/out going blind.  Now, we eventually had to get a new mouse as Warren had repaired thatthing for years too.  Another freebie.   So, thought we could make the computer last awhile but we were wrong.  Finally crashed.  Lost it all.  Warren backs it up at tax time.  Trouble was, lots of recent stuff on there.  You know, videos of the new kids, pics, etc.  Stuff I have to now ask the agency for again.  As an adoptive parent, you tend to look at those things all the time.  Okay, at least I do.  My kids do too.  The hard drive failed.  Our computer is SO old, none of the new stuff is compatible anymore.  The new hard drive purchased yesterday was way too big for it as far as memory goes.  We know, we know we desperately need a new computer but it will have to wait.  This is a temporary repair.  Hoping to get a new one at tax time.  Warren uses the computer for work too so we have to have one.  I do a bunch ofadoption work on here as well.  It is a necessity in this household.  We don't have cell phones or cable or any of those extras but do need the computer.  Those new to this blog & new to adoption will soon realize sacrifices have to be made in order to adopt.  Just the way it goes.  When we adopt, we try to save every penny we can.  No extras, no going out, none of that stuff.  We feel the sacrifice we are making is nothing compared to the sacrifice our children have made over the young years of their life.  Many of ours have been malnourished, sick, needing surgery, without family, without basic life necessities.  That is a true sacrifice.  Us not being able to go out & get a new computer right away as we're trying to bring our kids home...inconvenience, NOT sacrifice. So, as I learn to type on this new keyboard, I remember that this is just different, it is NOT in any way, shape or form a bit of sacrifice.  I have a warm house, good food, and a family that loves me.  This is whatwe want for our new children coming home.  We want them to have to sacrifice nothing when they get home.  They've been through enough. 

Since computer is now temporarily fixed, I should be able to get the fundraisers up tonight.  One is one we've done before & will be nice for Christmas.  The other is something new & going to try it.  Then, I may try to do something big in the way of word of mouth campaign.  wE'll see.  Getting things together.  Life does happen so you have to fit adoption blogging & adoption paperwork in between normal life happenings.  Balance of adoption and family.  Hard at times, but doable.  I will be back later.  Obviously, there might not be any pictures on here for a few days till all computer stuff is fixed.   Lucky I have a husband that can fix just about anything. 

Our kids at home are doing very well.  Have to brag on two of them this week, just b/c that's what moms do.  Max is out of self-contained classroom for english and now in just a resource class.  Very proud of that.  Looks like soon he may be able to get out of self-contained altogether.  yeah.  Alyona is learning howto read!  Something that they never thought possible w/ her cognitive disabilities and her vision issues.  She is so proud of herself and excited.  She's sounding out words.  Wonderful to see.  So, you can indeed take severely disabled children,give them care and they in many cases can make a full recovery and turn around.   Not only am I an adoption advocate, but an adoption advocate for special needs and older orphans.  They need a voice.  There is SO much potential these children have.  Just look at what some of mine have accomplished since they've been home.  Talk soon and have fundraisers up very soon.  Thanks for your patience. 

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