Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve pics

Merry Christmas everyone!  Here are a few random pictures from some of our Christmas Eve happenings here.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed doing some of these things.  You can click on any of the pics to make them bigger.  Here we go:

Here are Alex & Bojan battling Christmas Eve.  What?!  Christmas is supposed to be about peace & goodwill?--LOL.  My boys didn't have their lightsabers with them so they are playing with sticks.  Where'd they find the sticks you say?  Why where I stake my tomatoes up.  Yep, garden stakes are now their weapons.  At least they have an imagination, right? 

Originally, we were going to make homemade cookies.  Warren thought it best to just slice & bake them.  I agree now.  They had just as much fun and more can participate this way.  After this batch, Alyona and Alex made the next batch.  Fingers were licked afterwards of course.  

This is Alyona impatiently waiting for the cookies to finish baking.  These cookies are for Santa so they are extra important of course.  If you notice on the oven, there is a white sticker.  It has the sign for oven.  We have these posted all over the house.  We don't need them anymore so only a very few are left.  Helped us learn some and let's Nik know we care about his language as well.

I put this picture up just to teach my teenage daughter a lesson.  Yes, I did.  Tired of her ruining all the pictures by either bunny ears or something stupid like sticking her tongue out.  So, snapped a shot and told her I'd put it on the web for everyone to see.  Think she'll learn?  Probably not but worth a shot.  That orange stuff is sweet potatos cooking on the stove.  We had an awesome, awesome neighbor bring us an entire case of sweet potatoes and a bag of regular potatoes.  Had to cook some up that day!  Thanks so much.  we really did enjoy it.  

Snapped a quick shot in the dark.  I asked who wanted to go out and look at Tacky Tinsel lights(what we call the tacky Christmas Lights on houses).  4 of the 7 said yes.  So, went as is.  Most have pajamas on under their jackets.  Found some great houses lit up. Suprised those who actually went along with a package of Reeces Peanut Butter cups.  Yum.  They loved it.  All want Daddy to put lights up next year like some of the houses we saw.  So yes, our house will be lit up like the 4th of July next year.  They are already making plans....Warren and Max.  Should be interesting for the new kiddos coming home to see.  Can't wait to share some of our Christmas Traditions with them.

For those who've seen our Christmas' past, you know full well this is typically NOT how this room looks.  Normally, each child has one pile full of presents w/ their stockings on top of it.  Then, they have a group gift as well.  The living room has no walking space.  This year, it was totally different as we decided NOT to do presents.  I will explain that on our Christmas post of what hte children received instead.  This was a picture from Christmas Eve.  It is one big box with clues inside of it.  The kids each have a stocking filled in front mostly w/ dollar store trinkets and such.  Bear is going nuts in this picture because his stockign is there and I would not let him open his presents early either.  Boy, did he ever want that chewy.  Stay tuned for pictures from today a little later.  Going to go feed the kids lunch and get a ham in the oven.  So much to tell from today.  Stay tuned & have some details later.  

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