Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009-- a suprise for the kids

First, would like to say Merry Christmas to all our friends and family.  As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, please do remember the reason for this joyous season.  I know we will in this house.  Now, I'm sure the suspense is killing some of you.  Or, maybe not.  Christmas is big in this house.  Very big.  Usually there is such a sea of wrapping paper that you can not see any inch of the floor.  My kids have missed many a Christmas' in Russia.  Too many times celebrated without a family or a home.  That changes when they get home.   It really does.  Normally, we have a big pile of presents for each child and a stocking on top of it.  Then, there is usually one group gift.  This year, Warren and I decided the kids are getting older and we really do want a little more family time on adventures together.  I say this now but we'll see how I think at the end of this week--LOL.  So, we decided to spend exactly what we spend on gifts and give them a vacation instead.  So, I'll have a few pics below and then describe what we did in each one.  Hope you enjoy and here goes.

This is Alyona.  Our first one up this Christmas morning at 6:22am.  She then woke her sisters up who went upstairs to wake up the boys.  I know some of you are wondering why in the world our daughter is sleepign on a dogbed.  Frankly, we don't know.  She refuses to sleep in a bed no matter how many times we put her in a bed.  She always comes back to this little cubby area in the hallway to sleep.  So, we bought a dog bed to put there one day & she's been there ever since.  Drives us insane as she does indeed have a bed!  Why on earth anyone would want to sleep on the floor is beyond me.  Our peditrician thinks it is security reasons and so do we.  Hey, it's not hurting anyone, she sleeps all night and doesn't hurt so I guess she's alright.  Her bed is waiting for her if she ever wants it.   Hoping when her new sisters get home and they all will share a room that she'll want to sleep in a bed again.  Who knows though. 

Some of the kids waiting to come downstairs.  Right now, they are perplexed why there are NO piles of presents down below.  A minuter earlier Nik was signing like crazy where are the presents, the big ones.  They do not look happy right now.  From where they are standing, they can not see the big box below with the stockings on top of it.  They are just awake and very confused.  This attitude will quickly change.  No one was mad, they were just super confused.

Okay, this is where they are all just starting to open their stockings.  many are very please with what they received.  Many are wondering why they received quite a few packs of gum.  In the orphanage, gum is such a rarity and they treasure it so much.  Even years later.  They will keep a piece of gum in their mouth literally all day long.  Especially, Irina.  Still amazes me.  They received a few little things like gum, candy, socks, clay, pencils, etc.  Max got some cologne and the girls some bathroom stuff.  They still were wondering at this point what was going on here.  Keep them guessing.

The kids all gathered round the big box and opened it together.  They were even more puzzled by the contents inside. They found 3 cards labelled:  Clue #1, 2 & 3.  Irina was reading clue # 1 on the picture.  Each card has a rhyme to figure out.  The first card actually had pictures of our resort by the beach!  They couldn't get over how big it was.  See the link here:  They tried to guess where we were going.  Max said Miami.  Umm, no.  Not Miami.  Told them we were going to Myrtle Beach, SC.  They were SO excited and hadn't even gotten to the good stuff yet.  2nd clue, Nik opened.  It was a Ripley's Believe it or Not book. They LOVE that book.  They get one every year for Christmas and read it until they literally wear the pages out.  They still hadn't figured out why they received the book.  Told them we were going to the Odditorium and Ripley's Aquarium as well!  Again, great news.  See where we are going here:  and here: .  I can hardly wait to take pictures at those places!  The final clue had a foam medieval axe and sword w/ shield.  And of course another rhyming clue.  Max actually guessed this one right... a medieval dinner is where we'll be going as well.  Once I explained it was more than just eating there, they were very excited about the thought of a joust in front of them.  Here is where we are going: .  Check out all the adventures we will be having this week as a family.  Yes, for Christmas the Boyd Bunch has decided to hit the road together and have some fun.  All the kids were very accepting of this gift and I can say I am actually suprised. They were so incredibly excited that they started doing their laundry, cleaning up and packing right after breakfast!  They know the routine when we travel so know we can not go until certain things in this house are done.  Right now, all have settled into watching a movie.  All are still talking about what they'll see and where they'll go.  I'm going to the dollar store tomorrow and buy them all a journal for their trips.  We plan on taking them and the new children to see many more exciting things this year.   This is our big adventure.  We'll let you all know how it turns out.  Just tried uploading more photos but it is not working.  Bummer.  Will try again later.  So, in lieu of gifts, Santa brought all our kids a wonderful vacation!  Santa was having a hard time deciding between this vacation and Great Wolf Lodge.  So maybe next year if the kids really want to do this again, we can try a different vacation spot.  You just never know where the road less traveled will take you.   Hoping my kids will have a great story to tell for the New Year.  I think this will provide more memories than a toy that is ditched in the bottom of the toy box within a few weeks time.  Thanks for letting me share.  Try to load more photos later.  Have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... What a great Christmas morning, isn´t it?!... Thanks for share these beautiful pics of that wondering moments! ;)
    In a cuple of hours we´ll departing to Patagonia to celebrate New Year with Gabriela´s family!. So we´ll be travelling too!. I´ll try to conectme there and see how it´s going on your trip too!... If I don´t get it... I´ll check the blog in a few day!... But I don´t think I could wait that long!... As always... Best whises from here!... ( PD: The sticker in the oven it´s so sweet!...). Emmanuel.