Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Changes to blog...bare with me

LOL.  Okay, I'm totally still learning how to work this stupid thing.  I thought I'd add some Christmas cheer & change some colors around.  Well, can't change the stupid side colors so now it looks really goofy.  URGHH.  Have to wait for Warren to get home to help me figure this thing out.  Then, I decided to add a picture which is now like half the page.  Sorry folks.  It will return to normal size in hopefully the next few hours--LOL.  I will obviously never be employed by the Geek Squad.  Honestly, how I had a job as a secretary for years is beyond me.  I'm lucky I can turn the computer on & off w/out it blowing up.  Thanks for your patience. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Stephanie!... I´m anxious to read more of you and your wonderful kids!. Specially about deaf kids and that program you told us and gave us a little clue!. BTW I would like to ask you if you have to install special divices in your home for your little Nik; like Telephon or door-bell, etc.?!... I know it´s young but to know how to manage!. If you prefer you could answerme privately at emmanueldec@yahoo.com.ar
    Hoping don´t bother you!...
    Emmanuel Del Corro.
    Now I´m going to sleep. It´s midnight here and I´m a little bit tired!... Good luck w/ your blog changes!... I´ll see them tomorrow!.