Saturday, December 19, 2009

10 followers--LOL / fundraising

Wow, I'm up to 10 followers of this blog!!-- LOL.  Wonder if I'll ever get to 20.  Just wanted to say hello to everyone.  We have lots going on at Chaos Manor.  Hoping I'll hear from the social worker this week as to when in January they'll come out here & visit.  Ready for this show to get on the road.  I'm currently going through all the grant websites & seeing which ones we'll be able to apply for.   Can't apply for anything until the homestudy is done.  cAtch 22.  I'm patient.  Just finding out all kinds of things.   Once homestudy is done, grant applying will become priority.  Fundraising is going to get a big boost in January!  We're going to kick it into gear after the holidays.  Some have already told me they'd participate but would have to be after the holidays.  Totally understand so have decided to wait before introducing anything else.  Have some great ideas & hope to share those ideas and get some of you involved as well if you'd like.  Simple stuff but fun.   Like I said, that is January and February's focus w/out a doubt.  I know we can do it.  Warren is currently thinking of how we are going to make more room in this home.  Garage will have to go away but it must.  It will become the girls room.  Alyona(10), & her two new sisters...3yo(NOW!!!) and the 7yo.  They will love it, I'm sure.  Alyona has already put in her request for theme/ color-LOL.  We will definitely be seeing pink.  The 9yo boy will be sleeping with Alex & Nik.  Plenty of space in that room & the bed is already in place for him.  Very excited about it all.  Just have to get rid of everything in the garage basically.  We have to find another storage solution.  A volunteer who does design/ engineering stuff has offered to provide designs and such for the room for no charge!  That would be awesome to get another perspective and see if we've come up w/ the same ideas.  Our biggest issue is the heating/cooling.  Not just for that room but the fact that our system is going to go soon.  It is 16yo and has had it's share of issues.  We know it will not last much longer.  But to replace it is about $5000 and with a current adoption going on, that just is not an option at this time.   We're working on a solution for sure.  Right now, it works.  that's what counts.  But seeing them be replaced left & right in this subdivision,let's us know our turn is not far behind.  They were all installed together,just makes sense they'll all die together.  One thing at a time though.  We'll hopefully start work on the room in February.   We see expenses for the adoption starting to kick up seriously.  So we have to do some major fundraising in the new year.   Any ideas, definitely send them my way.  I know we can do it.  For nothing is impossible with God!  (I think it is a form of the verse in Luke 1:37)  I'm terrible w/ scripture so forgive me please.  My kids even had that verse in vacation Bible School.  I should knwo it.  I used to say in high school:  "nothing is impossible unless you try shampooing a porcupine."  Either way, things CAN be done and can be accomplished.  I have no doubt.   If a little girl can raise over $26K for an adoption in 8 days, I can surely raise $20K in 6 months, right?   I know I can.   Nothing will stop this mom from bringing home her children.   We are ready for them.  January will be super busy for us for sure.  3 birthdays then.  One of htem mine.  Anyhow, lots to do in January.  Homestudy, getting dossier docs started, major fundraising campaigns, kids starting basketball, taxes needing to be done, school starting back up, and some other major things happening.  It will be busy but a good busy.   Just wanted to touch base here tonight.  Please, any fundraising ideas, send them our way.  Have a great week.  Merry Christmas.

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