Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wait for it..... it's launched!!!!

Finally, we have started a blog! This is my first blog so bare with me.  We have started a blog as to chronicle our final adoption journey.  We are unbelievably excited and can not wait to share our adventures with all of you.  I will in the next few days explain more in detail about our decision to adopt yet one more time.  For those of you who are new, we have  7 internationally adopted children.  There are 6 from Russia and 1 from Serbia.  This next adoption will take place in Bulgaria.  Though I would love to share all the details of the children with you, per Bulgarian law, I can not. That includes pictures unfortunately.  I will be showing some pictures of all our current children and doing some before and after shots, I'm sure.  I want this blog to not only be about our current adoption but also previous adoptions as well.  All of our children are special needs children.  Though we did not originally start out intentionally adopting children with special needs, that is how it has gone.  We would not change our life for all the money in the world.  Though our life may be seen as different from those not living it, for us, it is the new normal.  We have ups and downs just as any other family does as they navigate those after changing waters of parenthood.  We will share the trials, tribulations and triumphs that come along with any adoption journey.  Sit back and enjoy this roller coaster ride.  It will be the ride of a lifetime!  Each day I will blog.  I want this to be a memory of our final adoption journey.  We never thought 10 years ago we would be preparing to add three more children to our family.  We are here, we are excited, we are nervous, we are waiting and we are ready to start.  More about the Bulgarian process tomorrow.  I'm learning as well.  Thanks for joining our journey. 


  1. So glad you were able to get your blog up and going. Looking forward to following along.
    Vickie H
    mama to the 7 little h's

  2. Greetings....Hi darn time you started to share your life in the land of blog. I am so happy to see it and excited to join your process. We are about to roll on through the most exciting part...bringing Lexi home!!! See you here and see you Over The Rainbow;-). Great job and many blessings...Trisha (Mom2b4#10)