Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes a bump in the road

Hello everyone.  This will be quick.  Trying to reach as many as possible.  With every adoption journey comes bumps in the roads.  In the adoption world, we call them hiccups.  Our first fundraiser was supposed to be this weekend.  Life sometimes takes a turn.  Remember me describing twists and turns on the adoption journey?  This is a minor turn.  My husband was admitted to the hospital this afternoon.  Poor guy was taken via ambulance from work.  They are still running tests & only reason I'm writing is to keep my mind busy.  Warren has an elevated white blood cell count.  Sharp stomach pains.  They are thinking appendicitis.  Surgery.  He has called me so far from the hospital once.  They took his phone away--LOL.  They still have to do a contrast study to confirm & make sure dx is right but they're pretty certain.  I really do want to be with him but he ordered me to stay here w/ the kids.  He said he'd do better knowing the kids are at home w/ me versus someone else.  Remember, we do have some with certain disorders which require some talking to during strenuous or uncertain times such as this. They know their daddy is in the hospital & for some of them, it is very hard to take.  Some of my children suffered from PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder) and things such as a hospital stay send them into a tizzy.  I'm making sure they stay calm.  Warren was laughing & had some good drugs when I spoke with him last.  He's not worried and we are both very thankful it is nothing more serious.  Plans are for me to stay here tonight.  They will probably drug him to sleep anyhow while there & he'll have surgery tomorrow.  Don't know the surgery schedule as of yet.  Hoping I can sleep this evening as well so that I'll be of better help tomorrow.  I'm hoping to leave as soon as the kids leave for school to the hospital.  Stay w/ him until they release him to me to come home.  That's the plan anyhow.  Waiting to hear more.  Kids are okay for now.  We had baked meatballs for dinner.  Everyone had their meds so we're also good on that front.  Now, 2 of my kids are trying to dry the couch cushions.  Our 100 lb. lab laid on the couch.  Problem is, we have a house guest sleeping there tonight!!!  We also have a dining room almost blocked off from all the donations for the fundraiser yardsale.  Bojan informed me I am to drive him to chorus in the morning.  Ahh, forgot that daddy usually does that on Thursday mornings.  Anything else mom forgot?  Umm, yes.  2 IEP meetings to be rescheduled, 1 sick note to be written, and 1 turkey in disguise not done.  Not a problem.  Working on it all.  So, plan is to recover Warren and then have the fundraiser.  Though we want to get started immediately, family's health comes first no matter what.  Not a major hiccup but any delays always delay the process.  Mostly wanted to tell you all Warren will be fine though recovery will be awhile.  Very thankful it is just this and nothing more serious.  This can be healed and he can be back to his old self in no time.  Love you Warren!  Get well soon.  Can't wait to be there first thing in the morning. 

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