Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The process has begun

Every adoption journey has to start somewhere. For me, it is when we start contemplating adoption again. This was a few months ago. However, when it "gets real" is when you actually start signing papers to agree to this whole idea. Well, that was yesterday. Papers were signed(yes, by Warren too)and mailed off. The papers signed yesterday were simply the agency papers that say you agree to work with them. It is called an application. The other set that was scanned and emailed off was a set of papers that essentially holds the file of the children we are interested in in Bulgaria till our documents are put together. We had to do a mini write up on our family, etc. It goes to the Bulgarian Ministry and they then decide if our family is capable, willing, and a good fit for the children in question. We were deemed so and now the work really begins. Our first hurdle is much the same as every other adoptive family...costs. I will discuss this in length in another post later as it is often a common question adoptive families receive when doing this: "how can you afford to adopt a child?" That will indeed be the next post topic as it is critical for people to understand you are not buying a child. For now, just letting everyone now, the process has begun!!! We are off on our adoption adventure. Though, the paperwork is the most boring part, it has to be done. Till next post. Oh, many pictures to come. I'll be doing an excerpt on each child throughout the next coming week. Can't wait to tell everyone about our children that have totally transformed since coming home.

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