Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poem to share

Another Child Waits

I've watched my friends go home from here,
to their families, one by one,
Yet here I stay thru all these years,
Waiting for you to come.

I know that I'm not perfect,
Yet they tell me that I'm bright,
I just wish that you could only look,
past what is wrong, to what is right.

I've watched my friends go home from here,
I dream of how that'd feel,
A pair of loving arms to hold me,
Will this dream ever become real?

I know that I would be home by now,
If not for fears of the unknown,
Yet I have many of my own you see,
In that you're not alone.

I've watched my friends go home from here,
It's happening to Meili today,
But wait! Her Mama has something for me,
I take it and don't know what to say.

With trembling hands, I open the book,
And peek at what's inside,
A picture of a family,
"Can this be true?" I cried!

I've watched my friends go home from here,
It's my turn now, it's true,
I linger at the gate for one last time,
Then bravely walk on out with you.

We would like to give special thanks for this beautiful poem to Bev Schwab one of our adoptive parents who was inspired by Debbie Bodie.

Above is the referral picture of Nik.  I couldn't find it yesterday.  Now you know why I said yes?!  He's still just as cute.  Love my little guy.  I will hopefully be able to write another transformation story on Bojan tomorrow.  Trying to do one kid a day or so.  Going backwards in order of adoptions.  He's next.  Have a great evening everyone!

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  1. I remember him all bundled up in Murmansk and our first lunch together after the pick-ups. What an amazing day that was and what resilient and amazing children Nik and Alyona are!! Can't wait to see what this next journey brings for you!