Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Come one, come all

Yardsale/ Bakesale

This weekend is the first of our fundraisers.  We are getting prepared, excited, and anxious.  It is always hard to ask for money that's for sure.  That's why we really hope to do some fundraisers that others can get something out of as well.  We'll have a few upcoming gift card giveaways soon just in time for Christmas.  But first, we must make room for three more children & raise the funds to get them here.  What a better way to kick it off than a yardsale/ bakesale?!  We have some volunteers donating items for the sale as well as baking.  Also, have some going to help out at the sale.  There are plenty of items for sale and will be lots of goodies to eat.  I"m organizing who's manning what station at the sale & getting ready to sort today & tomorrow.  Mostly tomorrow.  Baking will take place the next few days.  One thing we really need are tables for displaying stuff.  forgot about that. 

So, if any of you are in the area, come on out to Southills Subdivision for a great sale.  Something for everyone!  100% of proceeds will go to the adoption fund to bring our 3 children home from Bulgaria.  With this first fundraiser combined w/ the previous PPR refund, we should hopefully be able to start our homestudy.  Once a homestudy is done, you can then start preparing dossier documents.  Also, once a homestudy is complete, you are then able to apply for adoption grants.  We were able to receive 2 grants with Alyona and Nik.  However, this time it would be highly doubtful we would get any grants just due to the sheer number of people applying.  In adoption, some refi their houses & take out some equity to help pay for the adoption.  You can no longer do that in this economy w/ banks so more folks are tyring to apply for grants.  Many used to borrow from retirement.  That option has also been depleted due to the recent economy.  So, the importance of fundraisers is even more so nowadays.  I'll do a segment on costs a little later on.  Right now, just want to tell everyone come on out and enjoy a beautiful crisp, fall morning sipping hot cocoa or coffee while looking around at some items to purchase.  You never know what you might find.  Thanks to all who are donating their items, baked goods or time.  It is very much appreciated.  Any suggestions to make the sale an even bigger success, please do share.  Also, any fundraising ideas folks might have please do share.  I know we'll be doing gift card giveaways soon.  In the New Year, we'll also be doing a bulb(flower) fundraiser.  I may do another bake sale of Valentine Day goodies during that time of year.  Meantime, I really need to fill out some more!  When the papers weigh as much as the children, you are then allowed to go and bring them home--LOL.  Have a great week & if local, do stop by and say hello.  We have a wonderful team so it should be an awesome sale!

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