Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Thanks!!!

Thank you, thank you!!!  My wonderful cousin, her husband and her friend helped us to move furniture for the yardsale as Warren still can't help out since the appendix removal & surgery stuff.  They even helped in the rain.  What dedication!  Dedication is exactly what will get these children home.  We have more folks helping out the next few days bringing stuff for the sale, baking goodies, etc.  It certainly helps knowing so many people care about our kids to be doing this for us.  Tonight, we're making posters, baking until probably midnight & getting more items for the sale around the house.  Yikes!!  Lots to do & I'm on here.  LOL.  I will make a post maybe later tonight about Alex's transformation.  Don't know.  May start it & finish it tomorrow.  Also, over the weekend, we should have names for the children instead of calling them the twins and little bit.  I'm sure they'd love to have an identity.  We have ideas for the names but if you'd like to throw some our way, we'd be glad to consider some ideas.  Usually, we leave the kids' names as is or change slightly.  However, w/ this bunch & their given names, it is just not possible (or even nice for that matter) to keep their names.  They will thank us later just as Max has.  Max's birth name was Murat Kuandikov Yusopovich.  He'll take Maxwell Ian any day.  So, we need to change all 3 of these kids' names as well.  All our kids are having fun trying to help come up w/ names.  Wow, have they come up w/ some doozies!  Got to go.  Homework help needed.  Writing Alex's transformation next.  Names forthcoming this weekend as well as a yardsale and paperwork.  Enjoy your week. 

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