Thursday, November 26, 2009

Babysitting services available!!!

Crazy post, huh?  Well, as some of you other adoptive parents know, you will do just about anything to bring your children home.  Like most other parents, we have the money to raise the children(otherwise our homestudies would not be approved, would they?), just not the extra $30K sitting in the bank to bring them home from the orphanage.  So, we have a choice.  You can choose to sit and not think about the kids ever and just let them die.  OR, you can act.  We chose to act.  We chose to take the road less travelled, not always easy and do what we know in our hearts & soul is right.  Sometimes we are called crazy, sometimes selfish, sometimes asked all kinds of questions that you would not ask someone adding to their family through a pregnancy.  However, we understand that many just don't understand that adoption is a way to add to a family.  It is our job as an adoptive family to help educate others and help them to understand the meaning of adoption.  These are OUR children and we can not let them sit over there and pretend they don't exist.  So, it is my job as their mother to get them home.   First step to do that is to commit to them.  Check, I already have.  Second step is to raise the funds to get them home.  I am totally working on that.  We've had one fundraiser already.  That money is being used to purchase passports.  We have collect some donations as well from people.  That money is going toward the homestudy.  Once homestudy is done, we are then applying for adoption grants.  Never a  guarantee with those as many of you know.  So, I know I need to work just as hard.  I am going to start babysitting.  I have posted to facebook, on here, on 4042(a local ad place), craigslist, etc. that I will babysit or do nanny services.  Every little bit helps for sure and maybe some folks will be going Christmas shopping and need a sitter.  Help spread the word about my babysitting services if you don't mind.  Plenty of experience and references are indeed available.  Thanks so much!  Thanksgiving is over and our focus has shifted to getting the children home.  We don't have to Christmas shop this year so really have a little extra time to concentrate on our children over in Bulgaria.  Any other ideas you all have, please do send them my way.  We are doing a bulb fundraiser(flowers) in the spring.  Gift card giveaways are to come soon.  So watch for them! 

Tomorrow we will be very busy so won't be able to write Yana's transformation post until tomorrow evening.  It is really nice to reflect on how far our children have come.  It is simply amazing to see.  Also, tomorrow we are taking the kids to Meadow Lights.  It is a local light show here & best thing is it is simplistic but nice.  We ride a "train" around to see all the lights, visit Santa, and then an old fashioned candy shop.  We usually let the kids have a jumbo candy cane on the way home.  They love it.  --umm, so do we--LOL.  These are the same Christmas joys I wish to share with my children in Bulgaria next year. 

On this Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for family.  Both here and a far. 

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