Monday, November 23, 2009

Angels among us

There is a song & I forget who it is by.  Some of the lyrics are as follows:  "I believe there are angels among us.  Sent down to us from somewhere up above.  They come to you & me in our darkest hour.  Teach us how to live, show us how to give, guide us with a light of love."  Or something to that effect.  Just today as I'm wondering how in the world we will fund this adoption endeavor, an angel steps in.  Renewed my faith that we are indeed doing the right thing & that love will find a way.  It always does.  We did not have the money for Irina & Max until the day before we left!  Anyhow, we were at the dentist today & 5 of our kids were gettting seen.  The dentist does humanitarian aid work in Moldova and other EE countries.  He's been to many orphanages and knows their fate if they stay.  He's thanked us a dozen or more times at least for saving our kids' lives.  Though we don't think of it like that, it is always nice to hear that someone else cares so much.  Well, Dr. Horowitz cared so much that he donated to our adoption fund!  I was beyond thrilled and am overwhelmed at his generosity.  We add it to our fund and we are that much closer to getting that homestudy started. 

We, at this point really need a miracle to pull it off.  We need to raise $3000 and fast.  We're expecting a refund soon for something.  Our homestudy fee is $1700.  Our registration fee is going to be $1600.  Shortly, we'll have a $1000.  So, we need $2300 more to get really flying on this stuff.  They are asking us when we'll have our dossier done.  These kids need us way more than I originally had thought.  Now, we know we are bringing Irina with us on the second trip to help pick up the little kids.  She is a huge help & this will also give her some closure.  That is another post for another day.  See, our son will not be able to walk.  We are checking w/ all our docs what will need to be done to get him wlaking.  He has the determination, that's for sure!  So, we will need help for sure.  I will most likely carry Little Bit in a baby carrier on me.  She doesn't weigh but about 20 lbs.  No big deal.  Irina will most likely work w/ the little girl while I also push the little boy in a stroller since he can't walk.  All the while, Warren will be doing the heavy lifting of luggage & keeping track of all paperwork(vital).  To make things easier, I believe we will all wear the same clothes that pick up trip--LOL. 
Getting the cart before the horse though.  I checked today and am printing off passport apps.  We're going Wednesday to get passport pics done.  Warren, me and Irina.  They are costing less than I thought so that is wonderful b/c more funds then go toward the homestudy.  We are just $700 shy of our homestudy goal & I know we can reach it soon.  These kids are definitely depending on us.  The sooner we can get Little Bit home, the better.  She qualifies for early intervention here & the programs will really help her grow & do amazing things.  Roman(that is what we have decided to name the newest Boyd boy!) will most likely need surgery to get him up & walking and plenty of PT.  We already have a team in place so it will not be hard for them to get things in the works for him before he comes home.  Vascular stuff is new territory but we have some of the top docs in the nation here.  Not too worried.  The other little girl we recently found out is not speaking yet the way she should be.  We know first hand the experience w/ Nik how vital language is.  We now know where to go, how to go about getting help she needs, etc.  So, the sooner the better.  Time is of the essence for sure. 

We had another wonderful working angel at the bank.  One of the ladies there gave us a donation to our adoption fund.  She was actually the first to donate b/c one of the first to know so we could set up the fund!  Thanks so much. 

There are so many wonderful people helping us to help get the kids home.  It is becoming more & more real each day.  As Warren and I sat on the couch last night, we sat there taking it all in.  Looking at the pictures of the future Boyd kids & trying to decide on names.  Usually, we keep their birth names.  That is not possible this go around.  Well, it is but they'd hate us later in life for it--LOL.  So, we both wanted a strong name for the little boy as he has such a strong, fighting spirit.  His new name will be Roman.  If you see the picture, you see it fits him to a tee & it is so dog gone close to his birhname, we went with it.  The girls are tougher.  So many great girls' names.  But, need to find the ones that will ultimately fit the personalities of our little girls.  Warren came up w/ a few as did I.  Nothing we are ahhing over though so giving it more thought.  So, we finally decided on one of the 3 kids' names.  Not bad.  Don't know about anyone else, but whether you have a birth child or adopt a child, naming them seems to be such a fun time.  It becomes real that these little children will share a life with you and become part of who you are.  Very exciting to think about it. 

Just wanted to thank all the angels among us during this adoption adventure.  We have a long way to go but looking forward to meeting all our angels along the way and paying it forward.  I can never thank the many people involved in our process.  Too many to name.  Just know we will never forget you and when it is our opportunity, we will indeed pay it forward.  Below is a picture of our kids from a trip we took to D.C. over the summer.  We think their names fit them.  How about you?  Hope Roman will like his name.  Now, to work on the other two names.  Suggestions welcomed! 

We have Alyona standing tall at the top.  Next row is Yana, Bojan, Max, Alex and then at the bottom is Nik and Irina.  Do their names fit?  We think so.  Stay tuned later for Alex's transformation piece.  I love the before and after of the kids.  A family makes all the difference in the world.  We just think about that every time we want to give up or think we can't do this again.  We look at our kids and think of what their fate would have been had we not stayed.  Many would be dead by now.  Some of those kids above that you are looking at were destined to go to institutions where they tie you down in a bed all day long to lay in your own filth.  No stimulation, no touch, no love.  Listen to wailing all day long.  Yet above, they are healthy, happy (okay, most of the time--LOL...they are kids after all), and unlimited in potential.  I feel the same way of our newest additions.  Thanks for listening and Alex's post will be forthcoming. 

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